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Hi, i'm Aaron Park. Born in Melbourne, Australia, I first came to the United States in 2006 as an exchange student. Flash forward 14 years and I am extremely proud to call St. Louis my home.
On a personal search to represent my new city with style and comfort, I found myself frustrated with the limited options, so I decided to make my own. Arch Apparel started in the basement of a house and has grown to become a city-wide staple for St. Louis Streetwear.


Arch Apparel is more than a clothing brand that represents creative forces we have in our city. It has allowed people to throw on a shirt that reads "St. Louis" and wear it proudly as they explore all the city has to offer, or traveling the world.
We are dedicated to instilling a sense of community and pride in St. Louis, giving back, and doing cool things. We're here to show the world what St. Louis is made of, and have a lot of fun doing it.
Since it's establishment, Arch Apparel has worked with countless local creatives, businesses and non-profits to ensure we are giving love and support back to our amazing community.


        • Be the St. Louis Streetwear Brand.
        • Be Inspired By Our City.
        • Be Focused on Quality.
        • Be Focused on Fashion.
        • Do Cool Things.


So far we've donated over $50,000 USD, with a majority of that money going right back to local non-profits, fundraisers and community events. Here are some of our collaborative partners and recipients of our donations.

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