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Brewed for the Lou Day

Brewed for the Lou Day

Brewed for the Lou Day: A giveback initiative by Bud Select and Arch Apparel to benefit the Gateway Resilience Fund

Brewed for the Lou Day will be on Saturday March 28th 2020. Bud Select will generously be matching every dollar spent at on 03.28.20 up to 10K to help raise funds for the Gateway Resilience Fund.

The Gateway Resilience fund is providing short term monetary relief to employees and owners of independent bars, restaurants, and shops in the St. Louis area affected by closures and other circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. The fund helps covers things such as personal, family and living expenses incurred as a result of this outbreak.

Bud Select is committed to helping our community through these difficult times and we are extremely honored and thankful to be a part of this great campaign.

We have a large selection of Bud Select apparel available - with 3 brand new items released just last week on 03.22.20 featuring their recently revamped 2020 Bud Select logo. You can check it all out here, however ALL sales are included in this campaign, so anything you purchase on 03.28.20 will contribute to the total amount donated to The Gateway Resilience Fund!

Every single dollar spent at Arch Apparel, up to $10,000 will be matched by Bud Select and donated back to help provide support to our community. This is huge.

Thank you again to Bud Select, stay tuned for more info and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with announcements!




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