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Arch Apparel Retail store COMING SOON

Arch Apparel Retail store COMING SOON
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When Arch Apparel first began, I never really envisioned us going in the direction that we are. In the past couple of years, consumer purchasing has largely shifted to online, so opening a brick-and-mortar store seemed like more of a risky move for us.

People would come in to pick up online orders and we were constantly fielding questions about a physical shopping space. Soon enough we were building out a false wall in our printer's warehouse so that we could display our items and sell them using our phones and an iPad.

Fast-forward six months from when we began that retail experience….Loufest. We all know how devastated the city of St. Louis was when our music festival was cancelled 48 hours before it was supposed to start. Simply put, we were dealt a weak set of cards but decided we weren’t going to settle for that. The Arch team rallied and pulled off an event that brought the community together in ways we couldn’t have imagined. A happy side effect was the sudden influx of capital we weren’t expecting which allowed us to jump ahead in our timeline and start thinking about opening a store.

The very first place I thought of for our home was Brentwood, due to its central location. We know that our audience encompasses people all over the greater St. Louis area, from St. Charles to our friends in the 618, and we wanted to cater to everyone who calls St. Louis “home.”

As we look toward 2019, I’m really excited to put all our energy and resources into one space under one roof. We believe this is a great step in our journey to help move St. Louis in a positive direction, and we hope to convey that with our new space.

We can’t wait to see our customers coming in to grab a new shirt on the way to the game, bringing family and friends from out of town to get a taste of our city, or just coming to check out our newest hoodie.

I look forward to the future St. Louis,
This is the first blog post I’ve done and I am talking into my iPhone driving on my way to work. I think it’s a good effective use of time so I’ll probably do it again (and make Zoe edit it again).

Aaron Park


  • ERIN SHAUL: May 22, 2019

    I was wondering if you offer onesies in “Play Gloria” or any of the Blues apparel? Thanks!

  • Denise Korte: January 25, 2019

    So excited about the store… congratulations!

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